28th January 2017
Who did we help today



We were able to help a couple in their mid fifties moving out of hostel accomodation into their own home however there is nothing in their new home. We helped them  with a cooker a bed and a fridge. A stark reminder that poverty can strike at any age.

We are always in need of household items anything you don’t use anymore will bless someone in Coventry we all have stuff we don’t use. We can collect large items

Coventry People Helping Coventry People.

We also provide a free house clearance service

11th December 2015

Thank You Bank

We got a call today from Mr and Mrs Kelly Rotherham Road Coventry who had put together a fantastic collection of children’s books and toys with new batteries for the toys that needed them.

Your Generosity will make a lot of children happy this Christmas

Coventry people are just great

26th September 2015

Thank You Bank


The Big Ink Tank donated their time and skill to create this fantastic signage for our van.

A great big thank you from all at Love Coventry


20th September 2015
Liberate your stuff!


Phone call makes it worth while

Love Coventry has had the busiest three months since we started our stocks are way down. If you can help we need more stuff! to help families/individuals in Coventry

Stuff! We all have it. It hides in garages, attics bedrooms, garages and under the stairs.
Liberate your stuff! and let us use it to benefit many people living in the City of Coventry

People are always asking what kind of stuff the answer is really simple anything and everything you would normally find in a home.
If you would like to help by donating some of your stuff! that has been hanging around for over a year and you have never used it here are just a few things we need some big but mostly small.
Small Items: Crockery, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, towels, bed linen, bric-a-brac,
Electrical Items: Electric cookers, refrigeration, washing machines, small kitchen appliances, hair dryers, kettles, irons, computers, laptops, televisions, radios, computer game consuls, mobile phones, landline phones, calculators.
Furniture: (soft furnishings must have the fire retardant label attached) sofa’s, kitchen and dining, tables, dining chairs, sideboards,
Old Wooden Furniture: We have a furniture up-cycling project where we take old pieces of real wooden furniture and give it a face lift so if you have anything made of solid wood we would love it – that is anything!#Love c\oventry
Garages: I recently cleared my own garage everything I brought to Love Coventry was used by someone within three days people need tools as well as household stuff!
Christmas is just round the corner: Last year we were able to bless hundreds of children with toys donated to Love Coventry we would like to do the same again if you have toys your children no longer play with we have children who may not get a toy this Christmas.

The list is endless if you have it and you don’t use we will find someone who needs it.

It’s very important to us that the recipients of the goods you donate are treated with dignity and a generosity of spirit.
Here is the question we ask everybody who wants to donate

“If you would be happy to give it to one of your friends we would be happy to accept it”.

Please ensure: the items are in good working order, fairly clean, and fit for purpose.

20th September 2015


Phone call makes it worth while

Love Coventry Up-Date

 Just a small selection of people we have helped throughout august

A young woman escaping domestic violence.

She is now housed safely in Coventry and thanks to your generosity Love Coventry was able to provide her with furniture, refrigeration, crockery, cutlery and bedding Thanks to everybody that donates to Love Coventry without your help we would not have been able to help this young woman

A middle aged man with mild learning difficulties.

It was great to see the help and support this man had from his friends who brought him to love Coventry and helped select the items he needed to furnish and equip his new apartment.

A husband wife and child with very little money

It’s in a man’s nature to support his family and it’s always sad to see a man embarrassed because he doesn’t have the financial means to provide everything he would want to for his family. But today we had the great pleasure of seeing his face light up when we could help with lots of the essentials for his home. Great work Coventry you did it again.

A mother and child without a bed to sleep on.

We had just what they needed delivered to their house within an hour of the call for help.

Three young girl students.

A happy visit to Love Coventry from these three young ladies who managed to furnish their accommodation at a fraction of the cost. And at the same time help Love Coventry with the money they spent.

It’s been a great day

“The sun is shining and a young mother and child escaping an abusive relationship can smile safe in her new home furnished with lots of essentials washing machine, bed, and fridge freezer, crockery cutlery, bedding and curtains”.


A young family in need of bunk beds

“And thanks to you we had just what they needed a lovely pine bunk bed the children love it”.


A family with no cooker.

“A generous donation of an electric cooker enabled us to help this family”.


Who have we helped

Love Coventry has been able to help over 200 people with household essentials since January this year. We could not have done this without your help


People are always asking what kind of stuff? Anything you would normally find in a home


It’s very important to us that the recipients of the goods you donate are treated with dignity and a generosity of spirit.


If you would be happy to give it to one of your friends we would be happy to accept it.


Please ensure: the items are in good working order, fairly clean, and fit for purpose.