What can your secondary school do to help the most vulnerable in coventry?

If all the secondary schools in coventry asked their students and staff  to donate some time volunteering, donate goods that we can re-sell or re-cycle or asked their people to donate a small amount each month just £1 from their pay packets how much more could be done?

Click on a donate button to find out how easy it is for your students and staff to make a difference in our city.


Chris walsh

I think love cov is a God send the stuff is great and so are the staff and they are not over priced like some so called charitys who charge way to much for things thy where given! keep up the good work

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Volunteer a day

What would I be doing? Across the city there are many ways you can help different organisations by giving your time. Once we have your details (Click on the donate time button and fill in the on-line form) we can find something you could help with and enjoy doing. Below are some examples of what we do on a day to day basis

Collecting food on collection day’s around the supermarkets in Coventry. Helping with the distribution of the food. Helping in the warehouse helping with re-cycling the donated goods. If you have any particular skills we could use here are some examples- driving, administration, IT, counselling.

Most importantly a willing pair of hands and a smiling face is all you need and is always very welcome.



Recycle your clothes & Goods

What type of goods: almost anything you consider could be re-sold or re-cycled

We will gladly collect items if you cannot deliver them but with respect we are not a waste disposal collection service.

It’s very important to us the recipients of the good’s you donate are treated with dignity and  generosity of spirit and we achieve this by ensuring the items are in good working order, fairly clean, and fit for purpose.

There is always a great demand for things like BEDS – BEDROOM FURNITURE – SOFA’S – SOFA BED’S – CHAIRS – DINING and KITCHEN TABLES – ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES (we ask that electrical items including washing machines tumble dryers, cookers, microwave ovens, fridge and fridge freezers or freezers are relatively clean and in working order),

MOBILE PHONES( how many do you have lying about your house?),

GAME CONSULSPC’S, CLOTHES, all ages, shoes, all ages,

HOUSE HOLD GOODS, kettles; cooking utensils; crockery etc.



Donate from your Pay Packet

Money is the one thing we can’t do without. Even with the best people with the best intentions it always comes down to money.

Money raised will be distributed back into the communities helping to support community and charitable groups working in Coventry, groups that are focusing on what we feel are the three main areas of need in any city providing support financially and practically to groups that work specifically with – Children and Young People – People with Learning or physical Disabilities – The Elderly.

SOMEbody can’t do EVERYthing but EVERYone can do SOMEthing

That something can be as simple as donating £1.00 every month. A small amount each month from each of us in Coventry will make a huge difference in our city.

You can give more if you want but we would rather it was an amount you felt you would not miss and be able to continue to give.