You may need help personally, you may know someone who needs help, it may be an issue in your community you need help with.

If it’s something we can not help you with we will direct you to someone who can.



Chris walsh

I think love cov is a God send the stuff is great and so are the staff and they are not over priced like some so called charitys who charge way to much for things thy where given! keep up the good work

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Our Approach

We could I’m sure find some great motivational text to describe our approach. But would you mind if we kept it simple if we had to describe our approach it would be

“Uniting the people of Coventry to help those in need in our City”.



How we help people

As Love Coventry grows and develops we will be able to help support Community and Charitable Groups working in Coventry and surrounding areas that work with Children and Young People, People with Learning or Physical Disabilities, and Older People. We will be able to help financially even a small amount of money is a big help to a small group.

We will be able to help with resources, across the city there is often equipment, furniture, etc  that is not being used that could benefit another group. We will be able to help with practical support volunteering. Your time volunteering will mean so much to the different organisations across the city




Our Priorities

To help support those in need in Coventry

We can do no great things, only small things with great love. Mother Teresa


Do you need help? Complete the form below to contact us if you need help.

Any information you share here will be held in the strictest confidence. Any Questions get in touch today on 07766 555 556 or email us at


We make sure the people of Coventry have the best help by…

Listening to groups and agencies across the city who know were we can be most effective

Working in partnership with groups and organisations who specialise in each area of need in the city

Listening to you who else is better placed to tell us were we could be of the most help