We believe our young people are important for the future in fact they are the future.

I know you’ve heard the same cry from your young people “there’s nothing to do” Well there is, there are skilled individuals and organisations across the city who can provide exciting activities, educational and development opportunities for our children and young people. However they need a little help from all of us.

SOMEbody can’t do EVERYthing but everyONE can do someTHING

That something can be as simple as donating £1.00 every month a small amount each month from each of us in Coventry will make a huge difference to the young people in our city. You can give more if you want but we would rather it was an amount you felt you would not miss and be able to continue to give. You could give your time (volunteering), give goods that we can re-sell or re-cycle).


We want to work In Partnership with organisations, across all sectors, which are already supporting and working with children and young people, who already have the knowledge, expertise and contacts needed, so that we aren’t reinventing the wheel.

We want to help support community and charitable groups working with children and young people across the city l groups that are making a difference in their local community.


Chris walsh

I think love cov is a God send the stuff is great and so are the staff and they are not over priced like some so called charitys who charge way to much for things thy where given! keep up the good work

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Our Approach

We could I’m sure find some great motivational text to describe our approach. But would you mind if we kept it simple if we had to describe our approach it would be

“To unite the people of Coventry to help those in need in our City”.


How we help young people

By encouraging everybody in the city to donate their time through volunteering, donating goods that can be re-sold or re-cycled and donating a small amount of money. To help meet the needs of young people in our city.

Money raised through donations, the sale of donated goods, the re-cycling of donated goods, and the sale of new goods will be used to help support community and charitable groups working with older people in Coventry and the surrounding areas


Our Priorities

To help support those in need in Coventry

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. We can do no great things, only small things with great love.

Mother Teresa

Are you a young person needing help? If Yes click here today for help