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Fundraising, Love Coventry

25th July 2014
SOMEbody can’t do EVERYthing but EVERYone can do SOMEthing


Love Coventry is a not for profit company run by a small group of business men and women who are passionate about the City and the needs of its people.

The vision for Love Coventry has grown out of the good work Mosaic Church has established at Hope Centre in Coventry over the last ten years.

During this time we have seen areas of need in the city that need extra help

“Children and Young People – People with Learning and Physical Disabilities – Older People”.

We felt now was the time to launch the vision that has been in our hearts “Love Coventry” We believe the people of Coventry will pull together and lead the way showing the rest of the nation what a city can do working together with one purpose to help meet the needs of our own in our own city

Our wedsite is complete we are just waiting for the on-line shop section to be completed the shop will provide low cost new goods and pre used goods.

Coventry Job Search Section is where employers will be able to up-load their vacancies and job seekers can up-load their CV’s directly to the employer all free of charge you can view the site at www.lovecoventry.com

What we do

Love Coventry is dedicated to helping meet the needs of what we believe are the three areas in any city that need the most help

“Children and Young People – People with Learning and Physical Disabilities – Older People”

How many times have you sat around with friends putting the world to rights, grumbling about all that’s wrong with our country. We’ve all had those conversations and end up feeling pretty helpless, but actually, we can do something about it.

And that’s what Love Coventry is all about, encouraging the people of Coventry to help make a difference in our city.

Our vision is a united Coventry Individuals, Organisations, Schools, Colleges, University’s and Employers working together to help in these difficult times by:

Donating Time: through volunteering

Donate Goods: goods that can be re-sold or re-cycled

Donate Money: Money is the one thing we can’t do without. Even with the best people with the best intentions it always comes down to money. You can donate on-line www.lovecoventry.com

Using the money raised through our activities Love Coventry can help provide support financially and practically to groups working in these areas of need in Coventry and the surrounding areas.

Our strap line say’s it all:

      SOMEbody can’t do EVERYthing


EVERYone can do SOMEthing

That something can be as simple as donating £1.00 every month. A small amount each month from each of us in Coventry will make a huge difference in our city. You can give more if you want but we would rather it was an amount you felt you would not miss and be able to continue to give.

Go to www.lovecoventry.com and donate on-line.

You could also give your time volunteering and give goods that we can re-sell or re-cycle
What can you do to help:

Individuals: donate just £1 every month you can donate on-line www.lovecoventry.com click on Donate.

Employers: encourage your staff to donate £1 directly from their salary every month you can set it up on-line www.lovecoventry.com click on Donate.

Donate your time: Volunteering.

Donate Goods: Stuff! we all have it in the attic under the stairs in the garage liberate your stuff donate to Love Coventry and help us help somebody.

Help those most in need in our city

“Children and Young People,

People with Learning and Physical Disabilities, Older People”