I found myself in an unfortunate position this August one where I couldn’t seem to find any light at the end of the tunnel.

I was offered a flat from the council so I could move out of an already overcrowded house. Then it dawned on me that I’m in no position to furnish a house so that I can live normally After trying every avenue I could possibly take to get some help furnishing my flat I ended up really down. I felt saddened even my own council were unable to help me because I hadn’t been signing on for over 6 months and didn’t have any dependents.
The Citizens Advice referred me to Love Coventry and it gave me a flicker of hope once I had spoken to the gentleman on the phone.
I arranged a time and went down to see how they could help me I was a little embarrassed at first but the kind men Bill and Richard made me feel so at ease and welcome that soon shifted. Then I was given a double bed, mattress, cooking appliances, sofa and chair and a tumble dryer. As you can imagine I went from feeling completely alone and helpless to having most of the things I need to now call my flat “HOME”
All this was delivered to me for a small fee and a donation of what I could afford when I could afford it. Taking notice of what Love Coventry are doing for their City opened my eyes to both the wonder of “wonderful people” and also the “city spirit” which I have never experienced before in such a way. I came home feeling quite emotional and at their generosity and thoughtfulness. And of course a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
Thank God for Love Coventry! And the wonderful job they do! I will definitely be spreading the word to help get donations in. I will always be grateful for you making my house a home.
Emma (name changed to protect identity)