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Chris walsh

I think love cov is a God send the stuff is great and so are the staff and they are not over priced like some so called charitys who charge way to much for things thy where given! keep up the good work


Thank you Love Coventry for all you did for me I’m so grateful.

second hand furniture image


We have just moved to Coventry and found a house to rent

We needed some more furniture and a friend suggested Love Coventry Bill Mehdi Jordan and Mark were so helpful we managed to get the furniture we needed for our new home.

We would recommend Love Coventry to anyone and we will always get our things from there.

Many thanks Love Coventry

Lisa and Chris

second hand furniture image


I found myself in an unfortunate position this August one where I couldn’t seem to find any light at the end of the tunnel.

I was offered a flat from the council so I could move out of an already overcrowded house. Then it dawned on me that I’m in no position to furnish a house so that I can live normally After trying every avenue I could possibly take to get some help furnishing my flat I ended up really down. I felt saddened even my own council were unable to help me because I hadn’t been signing on for over 6 months and didn’t have any dependents.
The Citizens Advice referred me to Love Coventry and it gave me a flicker of hope once I had spoken to the gentleman on the phone.
I arranged a time and went down to see how they could help me I was a little embarrassed at first but the kind men Bill and Richard made me feel so at ease and welcome that soon shifted. Then I was given a double bed, mattress, cooking appliances, sofa and chair and a tumble dryer. As you can imagine I went from feeling completely alone and helpless to having most of the things I need to now call my flat “HOME”
All this was delivered to me for a small fee and a donation of what I could afford when I could afford it. Taking notice of what Love Coventry are doing for their City opened my eyes to both the wonder of “wonderful people” and also the “city spirit” which I have never experienced before in such a way. I came home feeling quite emotional and at their generosity and thoughtfulness. And of course a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
Thank God for Love Coventry! And the wonderful job they do! I will definitely be spreading the word to help get donations in. I will always be grateful for you making my house a home.
Emma (name changed to protect identity)


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