What We Do

Love Coventry works together with the people of Coventry to help meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our city

Donations of furniture, appliances, electrical goods, in fact anything you would normally find in a home are redistributed to families/individuals in Coventry and surrounding areas at a very low cost or free in extreme cases.


How many times have you sat around with friends putting the world to rights, moaning about all that’s wrong. We’ve  all had those conversations and end up feeling pretty helpless, but actually, we can do something about it!

How can you help

Stuff! We all have it. It hides in garages, bedrooms, under the stairs.

Liberate your stuff and let us use it to benefit groups working  with Children and Young People, Older People, and people with Learning or Physical Disabilities in Coventry and surrounding areas.






We have just moved to Coventry and found a house to rent

We needed some more furniture and a friend suggested Love Coventry Bill Mehdi Jordan and Mark were so helpful we managed to get the furniture we needed for our new home.

We would recommend Love Coventry to anyone and we will always get our things from there.

Many thanks Love Coventry

Lisa and Chris

second hand furniture image

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Our Approach

We could I’m sure find some great motivational text to describe our approach, but would you mind if we kept it simple. In a nutshell, our aim is:

‘To unite the people of Coventry to help those in need in our city.’


How we help People

We do this by encouraging everybody in the city to donate their time through volunteering, donate goods that can be resold or recycled and donate a small amount of money. Our vision is to help meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our city.

Money raised in this way will be used to help support community and charitable groups working in Coventry and the surrounding areas.


Our Priorities

To help support those in need in Coventry.

‘We can do no great things, only small things with great love.’

Mother Teresa