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The driving force behind Love Coventry and Hope Centre in Hillfields is Mosaic Church

Mosaic, as the name suggests, is lots of different shapes bonded together to make a beautiful picture.

Well that’s what Mosaic Church is like – lots of different people from different backgrounds and different cultures, with different interests and different skills but all bonded together for one purpose: to make Coventry City a great city to live in.

Mosaic Church meets every Sunday at Mosaic Church/Hope Centre, Vauxhall Street, Hillfields, Coventry CV1 5LF.

Another Mosaic congregation meets every Sunday at 10:30am at Grace Academy, Wigston Rd, Coventry CV2 2RH.

Our Sunday meetings start at 10:30 am with refreshments served from 10:00 am.

T: 024 7663 3500

E: info@mosaicchurch.co.uk

W: mosaicchurch.co.uk

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Call us today on 07766 555 556 or email us at info@lovecoventry.com

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Just one of the donated items  

Before we have even gone live people have started donating goods we can re-sell or re-cycle

Just in the last four days we have raised over a £1,500  through the re-selling and re-cycling of donated goods. Thank you to everyone who has donated goods and thank you to everyone who purchased the goods. Money raised from your donations will help support Children and Young People, Older People and People with Learning […]


Frequently Asked Questions

Any Questions, Call us today on 07766 555 556 or email us at info@lovecoventry.com

What is love coventry?

Love Coventry is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee having no share holdings. Love Coventry started life as lovcov.com, a website run by our young people from Mosaic Church at Hope Centre in Hillfields, Coventry. The idea was to do a good deed today and encourage others to do something nice for someone else. Love […]
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What will my money be used for?

Money is the one thing we can’t do without. Love Coventry will raise finances through donations of money, the sale of donated goods, the recycling of donated goods and the sale of new goods. Money raised through these activities will be distributed back into the communities helping to support community and charitable groups working in […]
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How will my money help the people of coventry?

Money raised through donations, the sale of donated goods, the recycling of donated goods, and the sale of new goods will be used to help support community and charitable groups working in Coventry and surrounding areas in what we believe are the three main areas of need in any city.
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